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7 reasons why you need salon advance software


-Build client customer relationships with integrated loyalty points

-Send email and text message promotions to your clients

Take Control

-Access your salon anywhere in the world with Home-Office Connection


-Protect your client data from theft

-Set different levels of security

Time For You

-Spend less time on administrative tasks and allow more of your time for family and friends


-10 years of industry experience with hundreds of salons using Salon Advance across the UK

-Dedicated friendly support technicians that are always happy to help


-Easy to use - Microsoft Office 2010 look and feel

-Dedicated friendly support technicians always happy to help

Microsoft Gold Certified

-Salon Advance is the only UK based salon software provider to reach the high accolade of being Microsoft Gold Certified Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ's section, where we have tried to cover some of the questions that we get on a day to day basis. If what you are looking for is not in this section we would advise that you to email we will try to respond to your questions within 24hrs.

Q. I am running a small salon and I'm the only employee working for the salon. Do you have anything that can fill my needs and budget?

A. We have four different software versions of our salon software, Classic, Premium, Elite, and Ultimate Connected which have been carefully designed to match your exact business requirements. Classic is designed for between 1 and 5 members of staff.

Classic also has everything that's needed to make sales, track appointments, inventory, clients, client purchase history and details. Marketing and reporting tools are also included in this powerful, yet inexpensive package, to help grow and manage your business.

Q. Do you provide the PC and EPOS system along with your software?

A. Yes, we can if required provide all the EPOS items to computerize your business, including PC, TFT screens, barcode scanners, receipt printers & Cash Drawer and if required touch screen monitors.

Q. Is the software easy to use? I want something easy for my girls!

A. With over 5 years supplying software to the beauty industry and supplying hundreds of salons with salon management software solutions, the latest release from salon advance makes learning the software a dream. We have lots of Training Academies that can be downloaded from our website and watched over and over if necessary to help you get the best out of Salon Advance. Take a look here.

Q. What kind of support do you provide? Is there a fee for this?

A. We provide the best support in the industry. Our commitment to customer service and support is so much that we assure you that you will get the level of service you deserve. We charge a small annual fee for this. Our support includes:

Q. Do you have SMS text appointment reminders in Salon Advance? If so how much do they cost?

A. Yes, with 1 click you can send a message to all your clients, which will give the date of the appointment, the time, and the staff member that they are booked in to see. Messages are discounted when you buy them in larger quantities, but on average work out around 10p per text message, which could prevent a £40 to £50 'no show' appointment

Q. Will the appointment book allow me to schedule multiple appointments in one go?

A. Yes, the appointment book allows you to schedule several appointments in 1 booking which makes the booking of multiple appointments very easy. Also when you then check the client out and take them through to the POS screen, it will grab all the appointments so that nothing gets missed!

Q. Can I stop my employees from knowing personal details of my business?

A. Yes. There are multiple levels of security, which allow you to password protect any areas you wish to secure.

Q. I have all sorts of problems at the moment trying to keep track of my stock, Will the Salon Advance software deal with my stock ordering ?

A. It sure will, you can set minimum stock levels on your retail products, when you then want to order stock from your suppliers, you simply click 'auto fill' stock order and the system will order everything that you are short of! No more claims from staff that the rapidly depleting stock has been used 'in salon'. We can track in house use also and give you a value at the end of the year to claim back against Tax!!

Q. How many stylists or beauticians can be viewed in the appointment book?

A. It depends which version of software you decide is right for your business, the Classic version will allow 5 employees in the calendar, premium will allow up to 20 with elite and ultimate connected allowing unlimited employees.

Q. Is there a phone number I can call if I need help?

A. Yes, the number is 0800 622 6062. Alternatively, you can also send us an email on


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