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7 reasons why you need salon advance software


-Build client customer relationships with integrated loyalty points

-Send email and text message promotions to your clients

Take Control

-Access your salon anywhere in the world with Home-Office Connection


-Protect your client data from theft

-Set different levels of security

Time For You

-Spend less time on administrative tasks and allow more of your time for family and friends


-10 years of industry experience with hundreds of salons using Salon Advance across the UK

-Dedicated friendly support technicians that are always happy to help


-Easy to use - Microsoft Office 2010 look and feel

-Dedicated friendly support technicians always happy to help

Microsoft Gold Certified

-Salon Advance is the only UK based salon software provider to reach the high accolade of being Microsoft Gold Certified Partners

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Salon Advance Ultimate Connected

Salon Advance Ultimate Connected is suitable for spas and salons that have several locations or are part of a national chain where you need highly specialised capabilities and in particular, advanced reporting functions.

With its built in, multi-location features, Ultimate Connected effectively manages each individual location and allows each site to view appointments, clients and stock at other sites.

Ultimate Connected also allows a head office site to access, coordinate and manage the group from a central location.

Ultimate Connected will also provide powerful financial "roll up" capabilities and sales analysis functions.

Key Features:

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Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop Appointments

Our appointment calendar is one of the most powerful in the industry. Appointments can be effortlessly moved from one column to another or moved weeks or even months ahead in seconds.

Tool Tips

Hover-Over Quick Details

When you hover your mouse over an appointment the Quick Details balloon appears. This allows you to see a summary of the appointment without a single click!

Point of Sale

Fully Integrated Point-of-Sale

Salon Advance makes sales quick and effortless, handling everything from processing transactions to stock levels and end of day Z-outs.

Staff Working Hours

Staff Working Hours

Salon Active keeps track of your staff working hours, and its easy to set them up. You can also specify when staff are away or have recurring days off.


Clock In/Clock Out

No more punch cards! Salon Active records the hours you staff work with the clock in / clock out function.

Roaming Employees

Set Roaming Employees

Have staff that work in more than one location? Register employees in multiple salons to set up columns on the calendar for them at every location in which they work.

SMS Staff

Message Your Staff

Send messages to your staff or groups of staff quickly and easily. Remind them of appointment times, or deliver manager's messages, alerts and news by e-mail, voice or SMS message.


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