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7 reasons why you need salon advance software


-Build client customer relationships with integrated loyalty points

-Send email and text message promotions to your clients

Take Control

-Access your salon anywhere in the world with Home-Office Connection


-Protect your client data from theft

-Set different levels of security

Time For You

-Spend less time on administrative tasks and allow more of your time for family and friends


-10 years of industry experience with hundreds of salons using Salon Advance across the UK

-Dedicated friendly support technicians that are always happy to help


-Easy to use - Microsoft Office 2010 look and feel

-Dedicated friendly support technicians always happy to help

Microsoft Gold Certified

-Salon Advance is the only UK based salon software provider to reach the high accolade of being Microsoft Gold Certified Partners

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Salon EPOS Systems

Salon Advance's electronic point of sale (EPOS) system complements our software perfectly. Replace your old 'Arkwright till' and integrate your computer, cash drawer, receipt printer and barcode scanner into one complete solution. With our full EPOS systems you will be able to keep a tight control of your salon and portray a very professional image to your clients.

Mini Water-Cooled Computer

The Salon Advance computer is very compact, no bigger than a toaster. It fits into the tightest spots under the reception desk but is a very powerful machine, which is able to run Salon Advance and all the other software programs you will ever need.

Salon Advance Screen

Using the latest high quality screens allows the user to easily see the full features of the software. Our Screens are available in 17" and 19" versions.

Receipt Printer

The Salon Advance receipt printer is very useful for adding the date of the next appointment onto the bottom of every receipt. This obviously helps with 'no show' appointments. The receipt printer is also used to keep a copy of the full day or weeks cashing up.

Electronic Cash Drawer

Links to the receipt printer and opens whenever a transaction is made. It also has a lock and key to fully secure your cash in the drawer.

Barcode Scanner

Ideal for stock control and checking out clients who have bought products. The Salon Advance barcode scanner makes the whole stock control system very easy to manage. By checking stock in and out, there should no longer be any discrepancies in stock levels. You can even scan products used in house!

Salon Advance 'Touch' Monitors

Our range of touch monitors perfectly complement our software applications but tend to be used predominantly in hair salons for ease of use, but we have a few beauty salons out there who like the 'touch environment' too.


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