Leah Bracknell

7 reasons why you need salon advance software


-Build client customer relationships with integrated loyalty points

-Send email and text message promotions to your clients

Take Control

-Access your salon anywhere in the world with Home-Office Connection


-Protect your client data from theft

-Set different levels of security

Time For You

-Spend less time on administrative tasks and allow more of your time for family and friends


-10 years of industry experience with hundreds of salons using Salon Advance across the UK

-Dedicated friendly support technicians that are always happy to help


-Easy to use - Microsoft Office 2010 look and feel

-Dedicated friendly support technicians always happy to help

Microsoft Gold Certified

-Salon Advance is the only UK based salon software provider to reach the high accolade of being Microsoft Gold Certified Partners

Partnered with B2B Schedule.It Salon Software

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Technical FAQs

Q: Sometimes when I go to take a client to the POS from the appointment calendar, the POS option disappeared when I right click on the appointment. I have to exit the calendar and re-enter to see it. Have I missed something?

A: The POS checkout option only appears on the right click appointment menu when you select an appointment with todays date. This is to prevent you from checking out a client's services for future or past dates. Just make sure you are on todays appointment schedule, before you checkout a client.

Q: We're upgrading to a new PC within the next couple of weeks; what is involved in reloading Salon Advance software on a new PC?

A: When you are ready to install Salon Advance on your new computer, give our tech support office a call at 0113 2879228 and we will create a new registration code for you.


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