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7 reasons why you need salon advance software


-Build client customer relationships with integrated loyalty points

-Send email and text message promotions to your clients

Take Control

-Access your salon anywhere in the world with Home-Office Connection


-Protect your client data from theft

-Set different levels of security

Time For You

-Spend less time on administrative tasks and allow more of your time for family and friends


-10 years of industry experience with hundreds of salons using Salon Advance across the UK

-Dedicated friendly support technicians that are always happy to help


-Easy to use - Microsoft Office 2010 look and feel

-Dedicated friendly support technicians always happy to help

Microsoft Gold Certified

-Salon Advance is the only UK based salon software provider to reach the high accolade of being Microsoft Gold Certified Partners

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Client Testimonials

"I’ve had Salon Advance for over a year now and love it! What I’m most impressed by is that they really listen to their customers and take on board what we say and if we’ve ever needed support they’ve always been on bail for us! I appreciate the work that has gone into the software and I for one love the system. Thanks Salon Advance!"

Emma Prior
Red Earth
Perth, Scotland

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"I purchased Salon Advance at Christmas and it is brilliant, I had a look at other providers but I just couldn’t afford them. I’m working around school hours and a family and most of them were the price of a small car. I have it on a laptop rather than a big computer and although I’m a fairly new business, I really like it. It makes me feel organised and being alone, I think it makes me look more professional too. I am mainly do lashes and it works really well for me, the staff are lovely too even when I ring up sounding so computer illiterate!"

Lesley Ann
LA Beauty
Leeds, Yorkshire

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"I’d been looking at salon systems for quite some time, but the capital outlay, the large monthly payments for ‘support’ and they were over complicated and that stopped me making that final commitment to the competitors. It wasn’t until my husband discovered Salon Advance and after Graham gave us our online demonstration, my choice was made instantly.

The system is so easy to use and the online tutorials make the set up easy and quicker than expected, it wasn’t rocket science! We worked with the new system and our 'old appointment book' for about a week, after which we all felt confident and happy to trust our new salon system completely – we haven’t touched our books since!

The system has really changed the efficiency of how our salon works from end of day sales figures to reducing time wastage between appointments. The SMS appointment reminder has without a doubt stopped no shows by reminding clients and stopping them from forgetting. For me, it reduced the amount of time I would spend with sales figures for the reports and my staff find the percentage of how much time they have booked a real motivator for sales!!

Finally, I not only recommend the system but also the on-going support you receive. We pay a small monthly amount that gives you peace of mind and the knowledge that there is always someone to assist us if any problems occur. With Salon Advance you definitely get what you pay for: an efficient, simple salon system with no hidden expenses or surprises!"

Lisa Chapman
Skin RZ
Yarm, Yorkshire

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